160ct 6pc Australian Miners Solid Rough Opal Parcel Lapidary Raw Un-Rubbed #D76

World Class Opal

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These crystal and dark based multicolor natural mined Australian rough opal seam stones were mined many years ago on the Old 15 Mile opal field of Coober Pedy Australia.

World Class Opal are second generation, trade certified (Certificate 3 in opal industries practices) and have over 25 years of experience in mining, cutting, jewelry manufacture and wholesaling rough opal, cut opal and jewelry.

Item Specifics:

WEIGHT: 160 carats, 32 grams or just over one troy ounce. (weighed dry)

These are low yield pieces that are as mined and untouched by the cutting wheel and will yield some lovely stones.

Carving this material will increase it's yield, (up to 40% of total weight).

These stones should easily cut from 25 to 30 carats of solids opal or doublets etc.

Use the ruler as your guide to size (IN INCHES)

We do not sell opal simulants of ANY sort. All of our opal is 100% guaranteed Natural Australian Opal.

The color variations in some photos are due to different light angles and distances. All of our auctions are photographed with macro settings under a 60 watt incandescent lamp.  In all photo's the opal is immersed in water. 

Please check the dimensions carefully as the opal will not be as big in your hand as it looks on your monitor! Also some monitor settings will cause white based opal to look darker than it actually is. Please check the description carefully before bidding and view your purchased rough opal wet in sunlight or in a dark room with a direct light source ie: desk lamp, down light etc. (As photographed and practiced throughout the opal industry).


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