Aurora Australis Moon Earrings Sterling Silver Natural Inlay Australian Opal Earrings Gem Jewel Christmas Gift 8.5ct 901

World Class Opal

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'Aurora Australis' Moon Earrings!

Picture-stone earrings evoke the beauty of the Aurora Australis and view as though they were deposited to Earth by the Southern Lights themselves.        The Artisan has crafted these pieces in a full moon shape. 

These genuine natural Australian crystal based vertical opals mined on the Dead Horse Gully opal field of Coober Pedy Australia, have been inlaid in solid sterling silver with a Queensland opal boulder ironstone backing here at World Class Opal Australia. This opal would retail for around $200 per carat (around 1.4 carats opal weight) making a natural opal earring pair like this hard to find for less than around $380 retail.

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World Class Opal are trade certified, (Certificate III Opal Industries Practices) second generation miners and have over 25 years experience in mining, cutting and wholesaling rough opal, cut opal and jewelry.

Item specifics:
WEIGHT: 8.5 carats (both whole earrings) (Around 0.7 carat opal weight in each piece)
DIMENSIONS: Around 11 mm round by 3 mm thick each. (earring body not including jump ring and shepherd hook.)  A whole earring measures around 23 mm in length. 

BRIGHTNESS: A lovely 4 out of 5 all over.


We do not sell opal simulants of ANY sort. All of our opal is 100% guaranteed Natural Australian Gemstone.


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