Rare Australian Opal Fossil Belemnite Pipe Specimen Bright Gem Color 27 carats

World Class Opal

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This very rare, natural Australian fossil opal Belemnite Pipe collectors specimen was mined on the Old 15 Mile opal field of Coober Pedy Australia. We have polished the best colour and left the remainder with its pristine fossil definition inlcuding the syphuncle (propulsion tube groove). These fossils are opalised remnants of ancient squid not unlike species living off the coast of California Today.


After 30 years in the opal business, we firmly believe opal can be the most beautiful gem on Earth, and we love the colourful characters and lifestyle of the outback opal fields. Here at World Class Opal we are privileged to do our best to acquaint the world with the colour, light and beauty that quality Australian opal jewellery has to offer.


Item Specifics:


WEIGHT: 27 carats

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 48 long mm by 12 mm wide by around 11 mm thick.
This stone would possibly yield a couple of carats of gem opal but is probably better left as a world class specimen.


We do not sell opal simulants of ANY sort. All of our opal is 100% guaranteed Natural Australian Gemstone.

World Class Opal maintains a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy on all fixed price and auctions.

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Love your Natural, Australian opal specimen, opal pendant, ring or earring jewelry or your money back!  



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