September 24, 2021

Mining absolutely stunning natural Australian opal on The Farm, Coober Pedy Australia.

Opal in the wall on The Farm opal field, Coober Pedy.

Several years ago we were in Coober Pedy and a bit hard up for places to find opal.

I went for a fly over on Google maps and found this open cut i knew had been started over 20 years ago but had now been completed to the opal level. We went to check and sure enough it had been abandoned so we had a scratch around for a few days, and here are some of the results in a quick video! Shows opening up, digging in the opal level, some of the stunning precious opal kingstones, and of course, the finished one of a kind pieces of beautiful Australian opal jewelry that resulted. Miing explosion moving


Stunning top opal rough from the dig we made in to beautiful opal jewelry.Rough opal from the dig.



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