March 11, 2024

One WILD day opal mining on Dead Horse Gully..

One WILD day opal mining on Dead Horse Gully..

We had a disappointing day in an interesting claim we have had an eye on for years when I badly damaged some opal digging it out, a story i will tell another time.. 

Exhausted and mentally filthy, morale was dwindling in the late afternoon as i drove to another spot i'd mined some eye popping opal shells and verticals in about 20 years back. 

Although the claim reeked of opal, i didnt have the energy to go and start a new adventure. Theres always next time, that is, until there's not.

Suffice to say, i was so disgusted at the senseless loss of gem opal, and particularly in the absence of anything else noteworthy, that i had determined to pack up shop and head south for the summer, seeing the trip was a dud..


As is often the case, hope springs with the sunrise and blasts off with a heavy shot of caffeine..

opal mining

With new faith and froth 'Fraith'? I set off before the sun and went down with nothing but my trusty jackpick. The idea is that i knew i'd left some nice traces around back in the day and a jackpick gives the ability to chase it much harder than just a hand pick.

opal in the wall underground in Coober Pedy Australian

Sure enough, the trace came good in a few small patches and yielded some outstanding quality material as seen in the video and pictures.

We hope there's more opal adventures to come and will bring the colour as it appears beneath the desert at the behest of the pick and shovel.. 

See the YouTube short video here:   




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