January 26, 2024

Stunning opalised belemnite find from April 2020.. Where is it now?

Australian opal belemnite pipe fossil

In April 2020 we were blacklighting (using a UV torch at night) for opal on the legendary Larkins Folly opal field about 15 kilometres west of Coober Pedy Australia. 

The stories from old timers about Larkins in the 60's are eye watering. Massive slides (opal bearing faults) that ran for hundreds of metres, sometimes making obscene amounts of super gem quality opal that was only found on a few rare, small hills on our blue marble.  

Over the years we have ventured into many of the old mines where accessible, mostly via 60 foot deep shafts, and have had some success finding leftovers of this giant patch of history. 

 On this particular night, we stumbled upon a rock with a bit of nice colour poking out, watch the video to see the spectacular treasure hidden within! 

Raw opalised belemnite pipe



 opal earrings


opal pendant





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