June 03, 2022

We say goodbye to one claim and hello to HUGE GEMS in another.. Late May 2022

We say goodbye to one claim and hello to HUGE GEMS in another.. Late May 2022

The Grace Opal brothers, AKA Lochy and Shannon from World Class Opal and Kimberleyopal respectively, embark on another week of outrageous adventure in the dying weeks of May 2022.

Fortunately only the weeks died, but we survived and lived to tell the tale of rare and massive precious opal shells that appeared in the least expected place, as is often the case..

A leaf tailed gecko we rescued from a shaft.

We pillarbash a lovely small vertical on Donna's Rush on day one..


On day two Shannon continues to grind out the last of the shell run we have been working on East Pacific, literally taking out pillars with the kanga and staying well clear of any potential collapses, although the roof is very strong in the area. You will see a couple of small shells we managed to eek from the last bit of fluffy shell ground but i did lose one through a hole in my old worn out mining pants! (Could've bought a whole rack of new ones with that opal..)


opal mining


Day three I head over to an old claim I was curious about for over 25 years! Thanks to full (to the brim) flooding and some collapsed areas, there were a couple of miracle shells in a small pocket, the likes of which i've only seen a handful of times over 30 years.

fully opalised precious opal shells


From there we wrap up the remaining spots with the Kanga and settle in to enjoying friends and family around town and some stunning wildlife.. One of the last bastions of freedom, if you can visit Coober Pedy, you won't regret it! MUSIC: The Opal Miner, by Shannon Lloyd AKA Kimberleyopal.com

Local snake wildlife

Our friend and gracious host Greg.

The Full Adventure...


 Thanks for watching! 


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