Genuine Australian Opal Belemnite Fossil Pendant Surf Boho Jewelry 12.5ct G58

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This genuine, natural Australian opal pendant has been created with a Coober Pedy (Old 15 Mile) opal belemnite we mined many years ago and leather neckband to create a unique raw, native opal pendant in it's 'as mined' state apart from the drill hole and polished face. This opal pendant would retail for around $1875.00

It is thought that this creature lived during the Cretaceous Period approximately 120 million years ago when the Eromanga sea covered vast areas of what is now inland Australia.
The shallow marine cephalopod resembles a species of squid that presently lives off the Californian coast.
The calcium carbonate fossil is thought to have been dissolved by carbonic acid groundwater and at some intervening time replaced with micro colloidal crystalline silica resulting in a precious opal Belemnite. Amazing!

After 30 years in the opal business, we firmly believe opal can be the most beautiful gem on Earth, and we love the colourful characters and lifestyle of the outback opal fields. Here at World Class Opal we are privileged to do our best to acquaint the world with the colour, light and beauty that quality Australian opal jewellery has to offer.

Video of our company mining one of the best belemnites we have ever found on Donna's Rush:

Item Specifics:


WEIGHT: 12.5 carats (whole pendant) (around 6 carats of color).

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 49 by 7 by 7 mm.

BRIGHTNESS: A lovely 3 out of 5 all over.

Comes with pictured 16 inch leather neckband and clasp.

We do not sell opal simulants of ANY sort. All of our opal is 100% guaranteed genuine Australian mined gemstone.

World Class Opal maintains a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy on all items.

Love your natural, Australian opal pendant, ring or earring jewelry or your money back!